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Friday, December 01, 2006

The End is Near: My Last Post

My blog went through two stages. The first stage came out of my experience over summer as an intern at Universal Music Group. The sub-par work experience left me with bitterness coming into the school year. This bitterness is reflected in the first post and to some degree, the second post. Writing has always had a purging effect on me and I believe writing a blog accentuates this. The informal nature of a blog allowed me to use it as a venue to get out my bitterness about my internship. The purpose of the first post was as a warning to my peers. The inspiration for writing about Paris Hilton’s new album came from my frustration with celebrities. I wanted readers to re-evaluate who the give celebrity status too. Continuing to blog in order to purge my frustration I then chose to write about my frustration with the RIAA. The association continues to sue music fans instead trying other less aggressive strategies. Posting about the RIAA made me think about the power of blogging. I was writing in response to other people who I had never met. Blogging allows people from all places to communicate ideas. As a communication major, I see blogging as a new frontier for people to communicate and share ideas. The first three posts constitute the first stage of my blog. In this stage, I used blogging to get out my frustrations. The last two posts allowed me to move beyond this purging effect. In the second stage I critic a site and a person. The site I chose was I chose to critic a site whose purpose is to critic because I thought that would be interesting and different. My overall assessment was positive has great content. The only downfall is that the site does not reach its full potential. For the last post, I wrote about why Bob Geldof deserves an honrorary degree at USC.

My experience blogging opened me up to a whole new area of the internet. I started my blog not really having a great background of how to blog. So I learned by doing, which is why I believe the final post in my blog was the most successful. With each post, I learned new things and it became easier for me to write cohesive blog posts. This was one of the strengths of my blog. I wrote about music which is a subject that I care deeply about. My passion and knowledge of music made the blog posts more genuine. People reading my blog should be able to recognize the passion for music I have. Writing a blog, gave me the ability to write about what I wanted which made the blog posts better. One of the main weaknesses of my blog was my passion for music though. For instance, when I wrote about Bob Geldof I did not explain a lot of his accomplishments fully because they seemed so amazing to me. To a non-music lover, some of his accomplishments may have seemed very average. I should have written more for the average reader then for music lovers. Lastly, I believe that writing about my frustrations in the first stage of my blog helped me get out my frustration. On the other hand, I may have used those posts to write about other more interesting things. The subjects that I did not tackle may have given rise to more discussion on my blog. For instance, I wanted to right about the future of the album now that digital single sales are on the rise. Overall, I believe I did a great job writing my blog.