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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Paris Hilton: Fight against what is wrong

Paris Hilton seems to always be in the news. But why is she famous? Is it because she is the daughter of the family who owns the Hitlon hotel chain or because a private video of her with her boyfriend surfaced? There are probably many reasons for her fame but, none of them warrant her being famous. Her contributions to culture and society are not that great. Why does our society reward her for her actions? There are plenty of reasons not to focus on her. One reason is that she is a bad example for children and teenagers. She is a bad influence not only because of the sex tapes but, because of her behavior. For instance, just the other day Paris Hilton was arrested for drinking under the influence of alcohol. For pictures and more about the story, check out She is constantly posted about on this site for her inappropriate behavior. Her influence on teenagers is what primarily bothers me about her. By given her all this attention, we are setting up teenagers to imitate her.

Luckily, there is hope in the future for our teenagers and for all of us who are tired of her. One reason to have hope is that her new CD was largely panned by critics. One critic form wrote, “The bits which 'aren't bad' are the bits which don't involve Ms Hilton.” Critics can say what they want but, it is really the consumer’s who dictate what is popular and good by how many copies of a CD they buy. According to the New York Post online headline, “Hilton’s CD is an Instant Tanker” In her first week of sales, her CD only sold 75,000 copies. This is considered lousy when you compare it to artists that are similar to her such as Christina Aguilera. Christina sold over 300,000 copies in her first week of sales. Paris Hilton could not conquer the music market like she conquered television with her show, “The Simple Life” Another reason to have hope is that not everyone is tolerating Paris Hilton and her bad behavior. One such person is Banksy. According to BBC news online, hundreds of Paris Hilton’s new CD have been tampered with by Banksy. He took the CDs and replaced them with his own remixes. He replaced the song titles with titles such as, Why am I Famous? and What have I done?. According to, “He has also changed pictures of her on the CD sleeve to show the US socialite topless and with a dog's head.” I condone this act of theft and vandalism because I believe that the ends justify the means. He could not just say how he disapproved of Paris Hilton because no one would care. But, by doing something that is against the social norm he could be heard. I am not just overlooking his actions because I happen to agree with the point he is trying to make. Banksy has spray painted about issues that I disagree with him about. Banksy is famous for spray painting anti-wall pictures on the Israeli Security Wall. I believe the wall (fence) is idealistically unfair but, needs to be their as it protects people. I am glad that he sprays painted on the wall because both points of view need to be heard. Through his art, his opinion can be heard by many more people.


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